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WebCareHealth has developed remote monitoring software solutions that represent a dramatic shift in the way you manage heart failure, anticoagulation and chronic disease patients. Now they don't need to come to you — their data does. You receive actionable patient data in real time. That way, you can keep an eye on your patient's health wherever they are. At home. At work. On vacation. Even if they're travelling abroad.

Our software solution has been developed with inside clinical knowledge, so it delivers tangible benefits for providers:
  • Deliver improved patient health
  • Reduce costs of care
  • Improve satisfaction for both patients and providers
  • Eligible reimbursement codes

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that 4out of every10 adults in the United states lives with two or more chronic diseases.

Chronic diseases are the leading cause of death and disability in this country and account for 90% of the $3.3 trillion in annual healthcare expenditures.


Lower readmission, raise quality of life.

You no longer have to wait until your patients are in crisis—thanks to HFMgr from WebCareHealth. Our remote monitoring software facilitates electronic sharing of data, allowing you to monitor and treat heart failure patients in the earliest stages of disease progression. The data capabilities of HFMgr are so robust, it can integrate with electronic health records and help you to capture reimbursements for remote patient management.

Consider a few of the vital indicators of your patients' heart failure status: body weight, heart rate and blood pressure. HFMgr allows you to capture this information (and much more) regularly and without repeated in-office visits. It will even notify you in real time when there's cause for concern.

HFMgr from WebcareHealth is so revolutionary, renowned heart failure expert Dr. Marc A. Silver has joined as a medical advisor.

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Manage AFib without skipping a beat.

More than 750,000 hospitalizations occur each year because of atrial fibrillation.* That's why we designed AFMgr. This software solution enables you to remotely monitor your AFib patients on a regular basis, without them having to leave their home. Patients simply submit their physiological data through our mobile app or website. AFMgr will provide you with real-time data and notify you when there's a cause for concern. AFmgr makes it so convenient for you to monitor the health of your AFib patients, you can provide effective care without skipping a beat.

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Beat chronic pain with continuous care.

Chronic pain has become so widespread, it afflicts 100 million patients.* That's more than heart disease, diabetes and cancer combined. And chronic pain accounts for 10-16% of emergency department visits.** Fortunately, there's a solution you can offer your patients: remote monitoring of chronic pain by WebCareHealth.

With WebCareHealth, you can continuously stay connected to your patients at home. That way you can gain a better understanding of your patient's pain level, daily activity, physical therapy and more – allowing you to detect issues earlier.

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The INR solution that's a proven success.

Managing patients on anticoagulants can be complex and time consuming. With CoagMgr from WebCareHealth, you can work with your patients to more easily monitor and adjust dosages in real time. After each self-test, patients submit their INR results through our website, IVR or mobile app, CoagMgr provides you real-time clinical data so you can take appropriate action.

This software solution has proven to be effective with an average time in therapeutic range of approximately 80 percent across all WebCareHealth clients. Incidents of stroke and major bleeds have also decreased by up to 50 percent.

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A serious disease takes a serious solution.

Diabetes increases your patients' risk of heart disease, stroke, nerve and kidney diseases and vision loss. DiabetesMgr is a software solution specifically designed to help you manage your diabetic patients — and even prevent the disease in your prediabetic patients. Your patients electronically send you their blood sugar levels, as well as a host of other key physiological data, like heart rate and blood pressure. You get patient-generated healthcare data so you can take immediate action, before the risks increase. By involving your patients in their own care, you help them see how their behavior impacts their health condition.



Manage hypertension before it progresses.

Why wait for your patients' high blood pressure to become uncontrolled? With HTNMgr, you empower your hypertension patients to be involved in their own care. Patients are able to monitor their blood pressure levels along with other physiological data. Those results are digitally sent to you in real time via a secure website or phone app. That way, you can track and manage hypertension, determine the proper course of action, and help your patients to make healthier life choices every day.

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